Incredibles 2 hits HUGE box office milestone

               but it s not release in uk

INCREDIBLES 2 has managed to surpass the first movie’s gross at the US box office.

This is all happening before the Disney and Pixar gem has even been released in the UK.

Patient fans have a little longer to wait: the film is finally out over here on July 13; almost a full month after the USA.

Elsewhere at the American box office this weekend, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom managed a second week at No1 –

taking $60 million to bring its domestic total to $264.8 million and its global gross to $932.4 million.

Behind Incredibles 2 was, in third place, Sicario: Day of the Soldado, which outperformed expectations.

It earned $19 million to finish just ahead of Uncle Drew, which features NBA All-Stars Kyrie Irving and Shaquille O’Neal and took $15.5 million.

Ocean’s 8 rounded out the Top 5.

Ant-Man and the Wasp is the next big release, due for unveiling this weekend.

As with Incredibles 2, however, British fans will have to wait longer: it won’t be out over here until August 8.

Speaking to USA Today, comScore analyst Paul Dergarabedian spoke about the recent influx of movies scoring big with pundits.

The box office is on a major roll right now, he beamed.

“This puts to bed any notion that the summer movie season has run its course.

Audiences want to go out to the movie theatre during the summer season.”

Other big films on the horizon include Mission: Impossible 6 and Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again.

Incredibles 2 post-credits: Is there an end credits

scene? Does it reveal another movie?

PIXAR fans are used to waiting for sequels to their favourite movies, so when they finally arrive in cinemas they want plenty of screen time. Is there an end credits scene in Incredibles 2 Does it reveal another movie

The Parr family is returning to cinemas 14 years after the first Incredibles movie was released, much to the delight of fans.

The Parr family is returning to cinemas 14 years after the first Incredibles movie was released, much to the delight of fans.

Although the film will not air in the UK until July 13, rumours have already began that a third instalment could be on the cards.

Director of the Incredibles, Brad Bird, has not ruled out another Incredibles movie.

Is there a post-credits scene?

While Incredibles certainly falls into the superhero genre, Incredibles 2 does not quite make use of the patented post-credit screen.

The characters and storyboards which didn’t make it into Incredibles 2 haven’t been completely deserted.

Another Incredibles sequel also has support from Incredibles star Samuel L Jackson, who said he like to see

a Mr Incredible/Frozone origin movie.

Despite the support and fervour for a sequel, fans shouldn’t hold their breath.

After all, it took 14 years for the Incredibles 2 to land in cinemas, and there was a 13-year gap between Finding Nemo and its sequel Finding Dory.

The Incredibles 2’s Screenslaver: the most

controversial film villain ever?

The evils of screens and high-tech mind control are fought off in Pixar’s latest. But the rest of cinema doesn’t want to know

The Incredibles were pretty much the only superheroes in town when they arrived 14 years ago,

but so much has happened since – such as Marvel taking over the box office

they are in danger of being left behind and crowded out on their return.

But, actually, The Incredibles 2 takes one audacious move that makes the entire superhero genre look old-fashioned.

The villain of the piece is a mysterious entity known as the Screenslaver, who hypnotises people and controls their minds through TV screens.

In a monologue, the Screenslaver rails against the very passivity Incredibles 2 is catering to:

“Superheroes are part of your brainless desire to replace true experience with simulation …

Every meaningful experience must be packaged and delivered to you to watch at a distance so that you can remain ever sheltered, ever ravenous consumers.

” Whoah there! This is a dangerously valid point. Quick! Get to a fight scene!

Quite understandably, the evils of screened entertainment are somewhere that screened entertainment itself rarely wants to go.

It’s a blind spot, and for the sake of its survival, it needs to be ours, too.

The demonic video

You might occasionally get a media-mogul Bond villain like Jonathan Pryce in Tomorrow Never Dies.

At best you’ll get a dystopian reality show such as The Running Man or The Truman Show. Or maybe an inane TV show-within-the-show, as with The Lego Movie’s Honey,

Where Are My Pants? or Idiocracy’s Ow My Balls! to be lapped up by a subdued populace.

More explicit warnings against the screen are usually confined to horror:

the spirits who enter through TV white noise in Poltergeist; the demonic video cassette of Ring; or

A Clockwork Orange’s eyelid-clamping Ludovico Technique.

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Psychologists Pooh-Pooh One ‘Incredibles 2’ Plot


Incredibles” is finally Bach! Wait, no, it’s Mozart.

The sequel, which arrived 14 years after the original film, brought an even more grown-up version of the franchise’s signature parent-centric humor.

But the character who does the most growing out of anyone in the movie is baby Jack-Jack ― courtesy of some classical jams.

Yes, in “Incredibles 2,” it appears listening to Mozart helps bring out Jack-Jack’s new superhero forms, some of which are fire baby, floating baby and monster baby.

To the internet’s delight, the joke is clearly based on the idea that classical music, specifically Mozart, might aid in cognitive development.

Sadly, if you’re a parent who thinks their kid could also get a superpowered boost from listening to classical tunes, we have some bad news.

First off, we’re worried about you. Secondly, the experts we talked to pooh-poohed the notion that listening to

Mozart and his classical compatriots would have any positive effects on development, let alone spark superpowers.

rofessor Christopher Chabris, a cognitive psychologist at Geisinger Health System in Pennsylvania and co-author of The Invisible Gorilla:

How Our Intuitions Deceive Us, said the perception that Mozart has an effect on development and intelligence is misinformed.


“In the 1990s, many music companies put out CDs and videos based on exactly this idea,

e.g. ‘Mozart Makes You Smarter,’ ‘Baby Mozart,’ which led to ‘Baby Einstein’ and related products,” he added.

“However, the truth is that after many studies, there is no reason to believe that listening to Mozart’s music will make anyone smarter:

not adults, not children, not babies, not fetuses. This has been known since 1999,

when I published an article in Nature showing that the so-called ‘Mozart Effect’ was a fluke, not a reproducible scientific effect.”

hough Jack-Jack’s powers are featured in “Incredibles 2,” we first got a glimpse of the baby’s super-potential at the end of the original movie,

when his multiple abilities allowed him to escape the grip of the villain Syndrome.

But the first time Jack-Jack’s powers appear occurred in the short “Jack-Jack Attack,” which is on the “Incredibles”

DVD and covers events that happen chronologically before the baby is captured by Syndrome.

Jack-Jack’s abilities manifest around the time his babysitter plays him some classical music, leading fans to

speculate that Mozart was the impetus for his powers.

“Incredibles 2” basically confirms that theory.

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Incredibles 2 hits HUGE box office milestone - but it’s STILL not released in the UK

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