Jill Scott A Powerful Performance Of Sex

Jill scot is an American famous singer and songwriter. now she is an energetic performance of sex.

Shekinah ‘Jo’ Anderson (Tiny’s BFF) Joining #LHHATL?+ Jill Scott Arouses Crowd With Sexual Demo + More

According to the innanet streets, she’s already filming. It’s unsure if she’s an ‘official’ cast member but we will get a glimpse of the hairstylist. Ya know, we haven’t seen Shekinah on TV in about three or four years. She and T.I. fell out (allegedly) and she stated that the rapper got her fired from T.I. & Tiny’s Family Hustle.

Y’all remember watching Tiny and Shekinah’s Weave Trip? Chile, that bike scene where she and Tiny fell is still funny to this day. I’m not quite sure where their friendship is now. But, I look forward to seeing Shekinah on my screen. Not to mention, Love & Hip Hop ATL needs a complete overhaul anyway.

If you know anything about Jill Scott, you know homegirl is grown, grown. She has no problem expressing her sexuality, and while at a show, she did just that.

A clip of the Philly native demonstrating fellatio surfaced and Black Twitter went crazy. Chile, I am dying. Y’all, look at this!

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Jill Scout Gives Sexual Demo on Stage:

Preach, Sis! Jill Scott Goes In About Love Lessons

Learned, The Type Of Men She Absolutely Will Not


Fresh out of a tumultuous marriage, singer Jill Scott is letting future suitors know that they better come correct in order to get in on her ‘Golden’ heart.

Scott, 41, took to Instagram to post her love lessons learned from past relationships, which include knowing her worth and never dating a man solely for his potential again – which many fans saw as a nod to her ex Michael Dobson, who she described in divorce papers as a “mooch.”

Jill Scott Mocked For Having ‘Air Sex’

Jill Scott is being majorly mocked for the way she sings live, and it’s all stemming from a now-viral video of her performing onstage. In the video, Jill opens her mouth super wide to belt out the notes, while also rubbing the microphone as she gets really into the performance.

Of course, Jill was simply putting all her emotions out there to sound her best, but fans couldn’t help but notice how the gestures looked like she was doing something else that is a LOT more inappropriate!

“Why is Jill Scott sucking air d***?” one person who reposted the video asked. Others posted hilarious memes and GIFs to express their shocked (or, for some, pleased) reactions to the video, while some joked that Jill’s tours and meet and greets would “sell out” now that people have seen this raunchy footage.

However, other loyal followers of the singer defended her and pointed out that her sensualness while performing is certainly nothing new.

“Why are folks so shocked by Jill Scott’s video?” one fan wondered.

“They obviously have not been listening to her music.” Another added, “Must be the youngins that are getting excited about Jilly from Philly sucking an air d*** on stage.

The older Jill Scott fans who have actually been to her old show… know she has been doing this for a long time. This is not a new kiddie.”

Jill Scott Is Trying To Dismantle ‘No Nut November’

During a live performance, the neo-soul and self-love queen put on a grand showcase of her divine talents on the mic. Yes, we mean that sexually.

Men are weak-willed creatures. And in this life full of carnal sins, abstinence is our only final line of defense against poor decisions during the cold winters of ‘Cuffing season.’

In prior years, we employed ‘Movember’ where men shaved their beards to superfluously raise money for cancer. But in all actuality, it was to stave off partners and challenge ourselves for reasons that are not entirely clear.

Nevertheless, this wasn’t enough and a new movement would rise: No Nut November.

To put it simply, for an entire month one cannot ejaculate or ‘nut’ under any circumstances. Through doing this one can test the depths of their willpower and discipline and ascend to the highest echelons of humanity and graduate to ‘Destroy Dick December.’

Possibly, even, acquire ‘nen.’ (Here’s a chart for reference). However, the heights are very high and many have fallen over the course of the month. But true believers stayed strong. That is, until this morning thanks to R&B/Neo-Soul empress Jill Scott.

Last night, during a live performance, Scott, recently free of the fuckery of men, took the opportunity to physically illustrate her divine talents on the mic. These very techniques Scott employed put a spell on her audience and a video was subsequently shared on Twitter.

The response was immediate, with the most iron-willed on social media falling in one fell swoop to her precision, skill, and endurance. Scott is, evidently, an ‘Enhancement-type.’ In response to the outcry, she tweeted: “Hi. I sing/act out all kinds of stories.

You should cum to my shows. After a Jill Scott show, most people get splendidly laid by whoever they came with. #iftheydontFitup #stopfrontinusuckdicktoo They also usually go on 2happier, more productive, focused, wealthy lives.”

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